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Ground Pear, Peruvian Ground Apple

(Smallanthus sonchifolius, synonyms: Polymnia edulisPolymnia sonchifolia)



Yacón is a new super food from the Andes mountain, with many health benefits and great taste . Its tubers are very much like sweet potato.

However its flavor is unbelievably delicious  for an underground tuber : it has a hint of pear, with flavors of apples and watermelon.

The texture of Yacón  tubers is crunchy and juicy, like that of water chestnuts and Jicama.

They are excellent both for fresh eating and for cooking, as they are more resistance to heat.   Yacón is a refreshing treat. In the Inca language in its native habitat, 

"Yacón" means "water root". Its juice is used to produce yacon syrup. It is rich in inulin, which is sweet like honey, but without the calories. Yacón can also be used to make healthy vegetable chips.

Yacón also benefits the bacteria in the intestinal tract and colon that boost the immune system and aid digestion.  The yacón plant is a close relative of the sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke.

The plant produces a perennial rhizome and edible, succulent storage roots, the principal economic product of the plant.

The rhizome develops just under the surface of the soil and continuously produces aerial shoots.

Dry and/or cold seasons cause the aerial shoots to die back, but the plant resprouts from the rhizome under favourable conditions of temperature and moisture. The edible storage tubers are large and typically weigh from a few hundred grams to a kilogram or so.





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